Four Ways Home Security Systems Can Help During COVID-19

Posted on July 3rd, 2020

Four Ways Home Security Systems Can Help During COVID-19

Four Ways Home Security Systems Can Help During COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many Americans have had to make dramatic shifts to their lifestyle to help protect themselves, their families, and their communities. Managing some of these lifestyle changes have not been easy. However, there are some great ways to utilize your security system to help with managing these difficult new changes. Here are just some of the ways your security system can help:

1. Prevent Package Theft

With so many stores closed to visitors, many Americans are turning to online shopping to meet their basic needs. Package thefts know that there’s been an increase in online shopping and have subsequently increased their criminal activities. Package theft can be very costly in normal times. However, now many of these packages contain vital needs like food and pharmaceuticals for people who are high-risk and engaging in self-quarantine. Thus preventing these thefts is more important than ever. With a simple doorbell camera integrated with sensors, you can be notified the moment a package arrives and retrieve it before thieves can get to it.

2. Support No Contact Delivery

Many restaurants across the country are also closed for in room dining and have begun offering delivery services as an alternative. Those of us looking to support our favorite local restaurants are capitalizing on these delivery services. With a doorbell camera, you can support no contact delivery. When the delivery staff arrives, you can talk to them. Instruct them where to place the food and thank them for their service.

3. Monitor Your Children

Many people are now working from home and with schools and daycares closed around the country, their children are at home as well. It’s very difficult to get a full day’s work in while managing your children. However, with a security camera installed in the home, in their bedrooms, playrooms, and living room with remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on your kids all day. That means you can close your home office door, get the quiet you need to get your work done but also make sure your kids are safe and staying out of trouble.

4. Check In With Your Elderly Relatives

The elderly are most at risk for COVID-19, so many of us have reduced our visits to help protect them from the risk. However, it’s hard not to worry about their safety without regular check ins. Like with your children, installing a security system with remote monitoring in the homes of your elderly relatives can help you check in on them. That way if there is an emergency situation, you’ll find out immediately. Many home security cameras also come with two-way audio features, so they can call out if they need help and you can hold long conversations with them throughout the day.

These solutions can help you manage the major lifestyle changes that have happened as a result of COVID-19, helping reduce some of the stress and anxiety around the changes. At Supercircuits, we have all the home security technology you need to help manage these difficult times. Give us a call and we’ll help find the right solution for you. We’ll get through these challenging times together.

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