How Access Control Can Help Your Apartment Complex

Posted on February 3rd, 2020

How Access Control Can Help Your Apartment Complex

How Access Control Can Help Your Apartment Complex

Not everyone is familiar with security lingo. Hence, access control will be explained here briefly to ensure that readers have a clear understanding of the terminology. Techopedia defines access control as a way of limiting access to physical/virtual resources or a system. For these purposes, this article will focus on the physical aspect. Before a person can enter through a door or gate, they must first present the proper credentials.

If the individual cannot produce the appropriate PIN or key card, the entrance will remain locked. Access control systems can prove to be beneficial for various properties, including apartment complexes. This post is going to focus on some of the pros associated with apartments having access control. Hence, curious owners and managers should read on to learn more. 

Access Control Can Equal Higher Rent

Tenants want to feel safe and secure while at their homes. In turn, the majority of occupants won't mind paying a little more each month when apartment owners have certain security measures in place. Thus, by having an access control system installed, you will be able to collect more money monthly, which can help out with repair costs, taxes, renovations, or whatever.

Not to mention, security equipment will attract better renters. Applicants want a place in a community where they can raise their children without fear. Plus, they don't want to have to worry about their belongings each and every time they leave the house. By drawing interest from top-tier candidates, apartment owners can create a friendly, fun, and safe environment for everybody to enjoy.

Protect Employees With An Access Control System

Most apartment complexes have a centralized office on the property. Rent is usually paid there, and people inquire about vacancies. It is a good idea to pair access control with a surveillance camera on the outside of the door. The devices will allow employees to see and record who is coming to visit them. Also, the access control system can contain a button on the inside of the office, which a worker will have to press for the door to unlock.

Hence, if they view someone walking up to the entrance wearing a ski mask and brandishing a gun, they can keep them outside where they belong. Of course, if somebody wants inside somewhere bad enough, he or she will find a way inside. For example, they could break the glass of a window to gain entrance. However, access control may be able to buy the employees some time to contact the police and get them on their way promptly. 

Utilize Access Control To Eliminate Lost Keys

Traditional locks require the use of a key to lock and unlock them. They are small and challenging to keep up with, though. Apartment owners can find themselves spending a lot of dough replacing keys and locks if lost keys enter the picture again and again. By retrofitting the individual units with access control, standard keys are eliminated from the equation. Persons will have to memorize a PIN or hold onto a key card just like they would with a credit/debit card.

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