Keeping Your Wireless Security Cameras Safe

Posted on July 9th, 2020

Keeping Your Wireless Security Cameras Safe

Keeping Your Wireless Security Cameras Safe

Wireless security cameras provide a lot of benefits, and they continue on the trend of making home security more accessible and user friendly than ever before. Rather than a bulky “once and done” installation, you can move your wireless cameras around and set them up where you need them when you need them the most. However, there is one big concern that many homeowners have when it comes to wireless security cameras, and that is just how secure are the cameras really? 

A security camera that isn’t secure can leave your property at risk, and it can expose your family in a way that is particularly vulnerable. The good news is that today’s wireless security cameras are highly secure, and you can feel safe bringing these technologies into your home.

How To Make Your Wireless Security Safer 

It’s true that there are some examples of hacking into wireless security camera systems, but these situations can be avoided quite simply. A few ways to make sure your wireless security system stays secure are:

Secure your home wireless network – If you leave your wireless network open to guests, or open to general, you may be harming the security of your wireless security system. Using an encryption method, changing your default SSID name, and turning off any guest networking options is an excellent start to a more secure network.

Use a strong password for your router and your cameras – Your passwords should never match, and the best passwords are those that aren’t words at all. Create a strong password comprised of at least 9 randomized numbers, letters, and symbols, and keep your password written down somewhere private, safe, and on paper in the home. Do this for not just your router and security cameras, but for laptops, smartphones, and all devices that hook into your wireless network.

Change your passwords frequently – Any password you’ve had for longer than a month, you’ve had for too long. Keeping your passwords fresh and changing them frequently ensures you’re always a step ahead of anyone who is looking to break into your wireless system. When changing your passwords, remember to adhere to the randomized numbers, letters, and symbols rule to ensure your password is as difficult as possible to guess.

Run your updates – While updates might be an inconvenience to you, they’re incredibly important to your wireless camera system. These updates make sure to include patches and security upgrades that keep your wireless security cameras optimally secure. Whenever an update pops up for your wireless cameras or your wireless system, allow the update to fully run its course at the earliest possible time. 

The Safest Systems For Your Home Security

Today’s modern wireless security systems are some of the safest and most convenient systems you can place in your home for personal use today, as long as you take care to keep your network and your devices secured. If you’d like to learn what wireless security systems can do for you, contact us at Supercircuits today.

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