Security Can Offset Major Healthcare Industry Risks

Posted on February 11th, 2020

Security Can Offset Major Healthcare Industry Risks

Security Can Offset Major Healthcare Industry Risks

While treating patients is a huge priority for any hospital in the United States, it’s far from the only priority. Hospitals must treat their patients, while also paying close attention to the security of patients, staff, visitors, and any other individuals coming and going through their doors on any given day. Large hospitals may see thousands of unique individuals coming through their doors daily, and the safety of each one is equally important. Hospitals can be vulnerable when it comes to crime and violence, and this could be coming from patients, visitors, or even the staff members hired inside. These should be safe areas, and it takes the right security measures to ensure they are.

There are a number of top security concerns that hospitals deal with each and every day, and these can all be offset by implementing the right security strategies to counteract them.

The Top Hospital Security Concerns 

To see how improved security offsets these concerns, it pays to take a close look at these unique concerns first. Some of the top hospital security concerns plaguing hospitals today are:

Abuse of medical staff – Around 80% of violent interactions in hospital settings involve patients and hospital staff. Doctors and nurses may be hit, kicked, bitten, or spat upon by patients going through crisis, and they do still need to treat these patients particularly if they’re in dire situations. Security cameras can capture these incidents on tape, providing evidence of the event and protecting hospital staff from any potential lawsuits that may be brought against them later on.

Active shooter incidents – Hospitals can become targets for active shooters, with 241 hospital shootings in the United States between the years 2000 and 2015. The majority of these in-hospital shootings occurred in the Emergency department, with the second most in parking lots, and the third in patient rooms. Security measures can ensure hospitals in crisis may be locked down appropriately in these situations, and that only authorized individuals can access certain parts of the hospital. Authorities may also be notified quickly to assess and neutralize the situation post-haste.

Theft – Theft of supplies and medications is another huge security risk in today’s hospitals, particularly with the opioid crisis plaguing the United States today. These thefts can come from the inside via hospital staff, or they could be carried out by burglars or patients alike. Having security cameras and access control systems that monitor where medications are kept can keep these theft instances at bay.

Safer Hospitals And Safer Patients

With safer hospitals, patients can feel as though they’re truly in good hands when they walk through your doors. Alternatively, hospital staff knows that they’re being taken care of and their safety is being made a priority as well. The safest hospitals use a multi-layered security strategy that covers all of their potential risk bases. If you’re interested in improving hospital security, we have just the technologies you need when you contact us at Supercircuits today.

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