Taking Your Security To The Front Lawn

Posted on June 19th, 2020

Taking Your Security To The Front Lawn

Taking Your Security To The Front Lawn

While the grass may not have been growing all throughout the fall and winter, and your trees were blown bare, it’s a different story now that the summer season is rolling in. Trees have come back to life, grass is growing high and green, and bushes are beginning to grow wild throughout your landscape. While a natural landscape is beautiful and pleasing to look at, it can also present the kind of cover criminals are looking for when they decide to target a home.

When a burglar is searching for a target, they’re going to try to cover all of their bases. Ideally, they will want to get onto the property, enter the home, take what they want, and get out as quickly as possible and without getting caught. When burglars see overgrown gardens, lush trees, and wild bushes, they see opportunities to take cover and make their way onto your property without being seen at all. For this reason, it’s important to consider not just the security inside or around the vicinity of your home but also the security of your entire property.

Creating A Secure Front Lawn And Backyard

Burglars aren’t going to target the front lawn specifically, so if you have a tidy front lawn but an unruly backyard, you’re still at risk. Here are a few ways you can create a safer and more secure environment for your home and loved ones: 

Keep bushes low – High bushes are dramatic and striking, but they’re also potential “hot spots” for trespassers, vandals, and burglars. Rather than opting for tall bushes, decorate your property instead with lower bushes that are kept trimmed and tidy throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Trim the grass – High grass lawns are becoming something of an exterior design statement in recent years, with the benefits of natural gardens coming to light. While these gardens might be beautiful and eco-friendly, allowing grass to grow too much may be damaging to your overall home security. Regularly trimming the grass keeps your property visible.

Tidy the garden – Overgrown gardens give burglars a place to take cover. Neat and tidy gardens are beautiful, and they keep your home safer, so there’s no reason not have them. 

Invest in security cameras – Security cameras pointing toward your door, vehicle, pool, or garage are undoubtedly useful, but how many areas are you leaving out? Security cameras that look out onto your lawn or into your backyard ensure that you have evidence should there be trespassers on your property. 

Protect Your Entire Property

Throughout these spring and summer growing seasons, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your property as a whole. Taking the right precautions and investing in the right security products is paramount to a safer and happier home this summer.

If you’re looking for ways to secure your property, we have just what you need. Contact us at Supercircuits today, and allow our professionals to walk you through the process of creating a more secure home.

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