Tips for Shoplifting Prevention and Lessening Shrink

Posted on June 2nd, 2020

Tips for Shoplifting Prevention and Lessening Shrink

Tips for Shoplifting Prevention and Lessening Shrink

Finding new and improved ways of controlling shrink in business can be a challenge for new and experienced business owners. However, it is not something to ignore either. Losses as the result of shoplifting in a business can destroy a business that could have otherwise seen success. There are a few steps you can take to lower your risk and lessen shrink, including planning and the strategic use of technology.

First, Assess the Situation

Before any planning or shoplifting prevention can be done, there needs to be an assessment of the current situation. Identify problem areas to see which merchandise is stolen the most often and what areas of the business are the most vulnerable. Knowing this information allows you to make more informed decisions on what needs to be done.

For example, if you have smaller, more valuable items that are stolen often, then consider placing them in a locked cabinet or move the more valuable items further away from the store's exit points.

Second, Lessen Temptation

Moving these items, as suggested above, is one way to remove temptation. A shoplifter tries to get in and out of the store unseen, so they will avoid doing anything that will draw attention to themselves. Evaluate your store and find areas that may be out of the view of your employees. You may find that a simple modification to your store layout can help deter shoplifting.

Installing video cameras in these harder to monitor areas can also be a good way to keep an eye on things while also acting as a deterrent. People tend to behave differently when there is a chance they will be caught on security cameras. It might be what causes them to leave the store entirely and go elsewhere.

Third, Employee Training

All employees should be aware of the expectations that exist when it comes to shoplifters and how the situation is handled. Employees should be trained to provide good customer service. A shoplifter wants to get in and out unseen. When good customer service is provided, it takes away their cover and lets them know that the employees see them and are aware.

Making eye contact, asking if customers need assistance, and walking customers directly to the items they are inquiring about are all good ways of providing excellent customer service in a business. If you see someone holding items in their arms, ask if you can take them and hold them at the counter for them so they can continue to shop hands-free.

Fourth, Invest in a Good Surveillance System

Security and surveillance are important when it comes to shoplifting prevention and lessening shrink. When choosing your security system, invest in high-quality cameras that offer a clear image and make sure the cameras are covering each problem area of the building.

Remote viewing capabilities and access control are two more features you may want to consider to help protect your business. You can monitor the employees and customers and ensure that everything is running smoothly, even when you aren't there.

For more information on security solutions, you can incorporate into your own business, contact the experts at Super Circuits today.

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