Get Started On Spring Cleaning Your Security Cameras

Posted on February 13th, 2020

Get Started On Spring Cleaning Your Security Cameras

Get Started On Spring Cleaning Your Security Cameras

This year experienced a light flurry of snow in Texas, which is a delight for many residents, considering how rare the sight is. No matter how short-lived the snowfall was, however, it could still have an effect on one’s electronics, such as one’s security system. 

For all the fair weather that Texas receives, the gradual shift from cold to warmer months, and with slight and sudden snowfall, it would be good to check up on your home’s security systems to make sure they are properly working. 

Check on Enclosures, Cables, and Lenses

Camera enclosures serve as the camera’s own protection. Most cameras have adequate protection against the elements. However, things can get tricky if you opted for cameras that do not require intensive protection against harsher elements like snow.  

If this is the case, make sure to check for signs of exterior damage. Even the smallest dent or gap can affect the way your cameras will function. Open the enclosure and check if there are signs of condensation or even dirt, especially if you have not done a routine check in the last six months. 

Lenses are also a crucial part of security cameras because they serve as your viewfinder. Any obstructions, debris, or even a smudged fingerprint can compromise how you can use the footage. Even light rainfall or a sudden snowfall can affect this, so this may be the season to brush up on them. 

Check the Perimeter Monitoring for Changes

Does your security system have a perimeter monitoring feature? This is an advanced offering that may prove useful as additional protection. But when there are sudden changes in the weather, such as a drop in the temperature, chances are the beam can extend and skew the perimeter that you have programmed within the system. 

Minimize the inconvenience of false alarms and trigger traps by checking the perimeter coverage. However, you may need to contact your security provider for this, as it will entail more technical handling.

Brush Off and Clean the Security System Signage 

Having a security system can give you peace of mind as a homeowner. But it is more effective when potential trespassers know that your security system is active and up to speed. Do a quick brush up your systems; a quick check on the cameras and the signage that should be displayed up front. 

After a quick snowfall, make sure to brush away any debris that may have fallen on your security signs. Signage needs to be visible as they serve as a second layer of protection. Security experts suggest that you need to place at least the security company sign on the gate or a window to make it visible from the outside.

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